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Getting started

To login and begin your training, click the login link on the right hand column. Train at your convenience: log in and out of your training as often as you like. If you need to leave the training for a while, please log out then log back in when you return in order to track your progress. You may retake your quiz if you don’t pass.

If your name on your account is not correct, the way you want it to appear on your certificate, please let us know before you begin your training so we can change it in the system. (Your name should show on the top right hand corner of this page once you are logged in.) Changing it on your profile page will not affect the spelling on the certificate.

Recommended Browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer & Safari

Your certificate

After you pass your quiz, print your certificates to use as your training record. You can also print to PDF and save the electronic version as a backup, or to print later if you aren’t connected to a printer while taking the course. NOTE: If you do not print it it at this time, you will need to retake the quiz to access the certificate.

We recommend taking the courses in order if you are signed up for more than one. (A, B, C, D, E)

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Need to order more training courses? Our course lists are available at 22000-tools.com.

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